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Praise for 12 Ways to Maximize Your Next Twelve!

“In 12 Ways, Jer has managed to address a need that is woefully missing in many motivational publications – how to employ new-found habits, introspection, and persistence in the service of both short-term and long-term aspirations. This is not a cheat sheet for instant happiness, nor is it a dime-a-dozen guide to future riches. Instead, it is a well-constructed road map that illustrates the power of controllable actions and attitudes in building a life of value and purpose.”

Nate Patena, Vice President of Operations, Kevita, Inc.

12 Ways is much more than just a set of good ideas and practical tips. It is an exciting journey towards living a life that really counts. Jer writes with wit, clarity, honesty and hope as he guides you step by step towards making changes that last. It is a must read for all who desire live to the fullest the one life God has given them!”

Aron Gibson, Associate Pastor, Christian Assembly

12 Ways is replete with insights regarding those practical aspects of life that many people take for granted or simply overlook. It provides an accessible, ground-up framework for structuring your habits to improve your spiritual, emotional, interpersonal, and fiscal self-actualization.”

Brent Kampe, In-house Counsel, The Salvation Army

12 Ways is a great compendium of stories and simple suggestions to help you live a story worth telling. Jer offers short, insightful snippets on attitude, relationships, finance, and other areas. Following Jer’s suggestions, I’m going to go review my ‘to do list’ for the week before a short yoga session to seek discernment if my ‘to dos’ are really in line with my priorities. ”

Cissy Brady-Rogers, LMFT, Professor of Graduate Psychology at Azusa Pacific University

“Jer gives a concise and compelling list of 12 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your Next Twelve in this easy to read ebook. Each point is made briefly and succinctly leading to simple ways to apply the information in one’s own life. One of the more important concepts is, ‘. . . the more you grow, the more value you can add to other people. As a result, meaningful relationships will proliferate and your ability to make a positive impact on your world will increase, as well.'”

Yvonne Root, Founder, Journal in a Box

“In our world of distractions, 12 Ways reminded me how to get back on track with the foundational values I’ve always known, in just half an hour. Just as your computer sometimes needs to be rebooted when it starts to run more slowly, this ebook is a ‘reboot’ for your life. I will come back to it often and share it with everyone I know.”

Dave Swenson, Principal, Herzog Swenson Advisor Group

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