Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Ben Kasica. Ben joined Atlantic Record’s rock band Skillet at age 16 as lead guitarist. After over 1,500 shows and 2 million records, Ben left Skillet in 2011 to found Skies Fall Media Group – a company providing professional recording studios, photography, video production and graphic design. 

Today, I want to inspire you to be weird.


Because weird is what we celebrate, and weird is often what it takes to live the dreams God has given you!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Maybe you’ve never realized it, sitting in class with your peers or at work with your co-workers, trying your best to be normal, do a good job, fit in, and get ahead. Maybe you’ve succeeded at avoiding alienation, but what you’ve been trained to become is ‘normal.’ Chances are, you used to dream – and when you did, you were ok with weird. But, when you started pursuing those dreams, you made people uncomfortable. You spent too much time practicing your instrument, reading, dancing, making up math problems and solving them, fantasizing about being a fireman and saving peoples’ lives. You were ‘weird,’ and maybe someone told you to settle down. Chill out. Ease back.


Eventually, you learned how to become an adult, serious and ready for a career.

‘Weird’ was left behind.

I believe that, for most people, the desire to be ‘weird’ is completely quenched by the time they graduate high school – and I think this is a tragedy! Most people think of ‘weird’ as abnormal, a word with a distinctly negative connotation. But, if you look up the definition of weird you’ll find it has several other meanings that I think are extremely significant: “Uncanny;” “Suggesting something supernatural;” “Strikingly unusual.”

“Strikingly!” Are you striking?

I bet you could be!

But, only if you’re ok with being ‘weird.’

Sure, when you’re in school or at your job, unusual is often frowned upon; but, reconsider your most trendy friends. You know, the ones who always seem able to jump on bandwagons before everyone else does. For example, you may be wearing a worn pair of TOMS shoes today, but you know a few people who have been wearing them for years. You’ve long forgotten that when you first saw a pair of TOMS, you thought they looked like ballet slippers for men! They were ‘weird.’ Now, they’re a phenomenon.

Look more closely and you realize this same trend happens all over the place. Those ‘weird’ shoes; That ‘weird’ band; The ‘weird’ YouTube video… The tenth time you hear about it and finally decide to watch it for yourself, you realize that it’s not so weird after all. It’s actually revolutionary! Oftentimes, weird becomes a part of life we cannot imagine living without.

‘Weird’ is typically only weird because it’s new, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable. We are taught to be normal, to color inside the lines; but, ‘revolutionary’ doesn’t happen there. Revolutionary requires ‘weird!’ What if you colored outside the lines? Like, just everything around the lines and nothing inside? What if you just traced along the lines with multiple colors? What if you tossed the crayons aside, and instead used a pair of scissors to cut out sections of the image and create some type of mixed media piece?

It would be ‘weird’ – at least compared to everyone else’s coloring. But, it might also be revolutionary. It might be celebrated. Most importantly, it might be the best representation of the design God has put in your heart. If that’s the case, you’ll never see it become a reality unless you’re willing to be weird!

Go ahead, be ‘weird,’ you can do it!

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