There’s a single, overarching guarantor of success and satisfaction in life: Intentional living. Living intentionally is an often-overlooked secret. More importantly, living an intentional life is something that anyone can do.

We often credit the success we see in other people’s lives to Providence or serendipity. We assume that the individual in question was brilliant, lucky, or well connected, but this prevents us from seeing what we can do to enjoy similar results.

There’s certainly no question that both Providence and serendipity play a role in success, but there’s a more definitive consideration. The most powerful assurance of success is good habits, employed every day – and the way to establish good habits is by living intentionally.


Living Intentionally

As Dr. Randy Carlson says, intentional living happens when you combine information, insight, and action. We are each bombarded by information constantly, but few people take the time necessary to reflect on their experiences, develop insight, and then take action. This is the heart of intentional living.

Anyone is capable of living intentionally. More importantly, living an intentional life leads to a more deliberate and effective approach to life – a life with greater impact and greater satisfaction. We don’t have to drift though life fatalistically. We can choose to craft lives that positively impact our families, communities, nations and world.

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

– Francis Chan

Living an Intentional Life

You don’t need to be special, famous, or wealthy to enjoy the benefits of intentional living. You can start living intentionally and enjoying the benefits of living an intentional life right now, today. The key to living intentionally is mindfulness, and that’s something anyone can do.

However, while living an intentional life is simple, it’s often not easy. Along with all the information that bombards us come anxieties and distractions, which sap our energy and steal our focus. Thus, we must recommit to living an intentional life, every day.

This is one reason we started Writing keeps us mindful and reflective, and the thoughts of readers provide insights that we would otherwise miss! As a result, we are able to encourage each other to recommit to living an intentional life. And, as we collectively embrace intentional living, we help each other live with greater impact and satisfaction.

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