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We know that finding the right speaker for your event is a challenge. The success of an event often rides on the quality of the speakers.

  • Is their content fresh and relevant?
  • Do they connect with the audience?
  • Can they balance entertainment and impact?

Here at, we understand. We’ve been speaking to groups of all sizes for decades – from churches, para-church organizations, and non-profits to corporations, professional athletic organizations, and the U.S. military, from teens and twenty-somethings to adults.

Each audience is different and unique.

We know you have many competing considerations and many different options. Accordingly, this page is our attempt to help you streamline your process and decide whether a speaker is right for your next event!

This page provides an overview of what speakers have to offer.  You can click on the links below to proceed directly to each respective section. Or, if you’re already familiar with us, you can send us a message and check our availability.

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What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from the team:

1) Prompt replies to your phone calls and email messages – Here at we’re all about intentionality. Accordingly, we make it a point to communicate as effectively as possible. We won’t leave you hanging. Contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

2) A personal phone consultation – We want to understand how to best serve you and how our message fits in the context of your event. The best way to do that is to explore a few questions together. We’ll talk about your audience, your vision for the event, and your interest in the topic, and we invite you to ask all the questions you want.

3) A dynamic presentation focused to achieve the outcomes you want with your audience – There’s nothing we love more than connecting with an audience and pouring ourselves into equipping and encouraging them.

4) A custom resource page, created exclusively for your attendees – We want to provide your audience with the resources necessary to follow up on what they learn. We’ll post the slides used in the presentation along with links to any other helpful resources referenced and provide the information to your attendees during the talk.

5) A quick follow-up communication after the event – We want to meet your expectations and improve our skills. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us in this regard.

Most Requested Topics

Steve Gerali – Dr. Gerali is a highly sought-after speaker with more than 30 years of experience and keynotes in more than 20 different countries. Steve talks on the following topics:

1) How to Stay Christian in High School – This popular talk discusses living for God in a world that generally lives for other things. Topics explored include: character, sexuality and dating, building quality friendships, and other hot-button issues tailored to your event.

2) What Do I Do When a Teenager Lives in My Home? This multi-session seminar can range from a single evening workshop to a multi-day series featuring topics covered in whatever depth you desire. Topics explored include: mentoring and character development; identifying “normal” in the developmental stage of adolescence; understanding differences between teenage guys and girls; teenage sexual development, urges, and influences; riding the roller coaster of teenage emotion; when to rein in your teen and when to let go; surveying the cultural landscape influencing your teen and how to keep the lawn green and healthy; prayer over panic: faith formation in teens; and the ever-popular ‘What do I do when…?’ series examining hard-hitting issues teens face.

3) Boys to Men: Building Momentum, Mastering Integrity – Jesus says that His kingdom people are defined by love, goodness, wisdom and freedom. However, Western culture continuously bombards men with messages that those kingdom-distinctive character traits are anti-masculine. This creates an uphill climb for many young men. In this talk, Dr. Gerali shows how men of all ages can live into their identity as Christians without forcing their Christian virtues to conform with cultural masculine myths.

4) Defining Marks of Kingdom People – The character traits that mark a God-honoring man are the same that mark a God-honoring woman. If we cannot say that we are loving, good, wise and free, then we cannot say that we are “Christian.“ Richly woven with theological, ethical, and moral underpinnings, this talk explores the true meaning of following Jesus in today’s world.


Jer Monson – Jer has more than 14 years of experience speaking to audiences in business, educational, non-profit, and religious settings. Jer speaks on the following topics:

1) Building Your ‘Personal Board of Directors’ – Big corporations and organizations assemble teams of talented, experienced individuals to help them make decisions and navigate life’s uncertainties – and so should you! In this talk, Jer explores the practicalities of building your own ‘personal board of directors,’ including who, what, when, where, why, and how. Drawing on more than ten years of personal experience, Jer moves far beyond networking and schmoozing to help audiences understand how to build relationships that become a long-term asset.

2) From Excuses to Achievement: Learning to Fight Fear and Make Failure Work for You – This talk explores common excuses that inhibit your ability to live your dreams. Everyone is susceptible to the fear of failure and we often subscribe to a handful of common excuses in an attempt to avoid it. Unfortunately, however, we end up failing as a result. In this talk, Jer identifies these common excuses, including ‘The Myth of What If,’ ‘The Great By-Now Hoax,’ and ‘The Farce of Fictional Conditions’ and leads audiences to an encouraging understanding of the true nature of success.

3) Mentoring 101: Find a Mentor; Be a Mentor – Mentorship appeals to most people, but it can be difficult to determine where to begin. In this talk, Jer draws on more than 15 years of experience in being mentored and mentoring others to dispel common misconceptions about mentorship and teach audiences how to get involved.

4) Armor Bearing: Forging Life-Changing Friendships – In this talk, Jer takes an age-old notion – being paid to take the hit before some dignitary such as a king – and gives it a powerful figurative twist. He advocates for responsibilities that are just as serious and consequences that are every bit as sobering, but instead describes a commitment that cannot be satisfied in a single defining moment: Armor bearing that will still cost you your life – just over the course of a longer-term. Learn how to move beyond passivity, positivity, and the half-hearted ‘how ya doing?’ and into authentic friendship that will change your life!

Tag Team – Cooperative presentations featuring both Steve and Jer:

1) Mentorship in Action – Mentoring is at its core, first, foremost, and always a committed relationship. This sought-after presentation features the only mentor/mentee speaking team and provides audiences with the opportunity to catch a glimpse inside a dynamic mentoring relationship. In this talk, Steve and Jer approach the topic from convergent mentor/mentee perspectives simultaneously and provide audiences with the most holistic understanding of mentorship possible.  They dispel common misconceptions about mentorship and teach audiences how to get involved while allowing the audience to watch mentorship in action.

2) Armor Bearing: Exploring the Transformative Power of Your Inner-Circle – In this talk, Jer and Steve redefine what it means to live in intentional, transparent, authentic relationships with the people God has placed in your community. Learn how dismantling the front we each hide behind day-in and day-out can lead to life-changing friendship!

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