When American paratrooper Arthur Boorman returned home injured from the Gulf War with chronic back and knee problems, doctors told him he’d never walk unassisted again.

For 15 years, Boorman believed them.

Though he used crutches to ambulate, doing so was painful. Unable to participate in traditional exercise, his weight ballooned to almost 300 pounds and exacerbated his medical problems and physical limitations.

But at 47 years old, the disheartened veteran discovered non-impact yoga. He committed himself to a program developed by Diamond Dallas Page and embraced a daily regimen.  His initial attempts were feeble and awkward, but Boorman persisted and his hope was reignited.

Most importantly, Boorman’s efforts paid tremendous dividends – he shed an incredible 140 pounds in only ten months. Boorman completely transformed his life by embracing an opportunity to be healthy. His story is an inspiration to millions and today, Arthur walks – and runs – unassisted.

Witness Arthur Boorman’s amazing metamorphosis for yourself and be inspired:

A consideration with staggering significance.

“People are funny. When they are young, they will spend their health to get wealth. Later, they will gladly pay all they have trying to get their health back.”

– John Maxwell

The importance of your health cannot be overstated – it literally impacts every aspect of your life.

Your health affects you physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. If you live an unhealthy life, you cannot function at your highest potential in any area because health issues are draining, distracting, and discouraging.

In fact, health generally determines both the quality and quantity of your life…

So, it pays to be as healthy as you can be.



Don’t ignore your health.

Don’t assume that just because you feel ok, you’re healthy!

Many of the most difficult heath issues develop slowly, resulting from years of neglect.

  • Are you exercising regularly?
  • Do you maintain a healthy diet?
  • Are you prioritizing sufficient daily rest?
  • Do you know your family medical history?
  • Are you seeing your doctor for regular physicals?
  • Have you cultivated any problematic habits (e.g., smoking)?

These are important questions, and you owe it to yourself to answer them honestly. But no matter what your answers, know this: Any person, at any age, in any health situation can adopt a healthier lifestyle – just like Arthur Boorman.

And I’d like to help you do just that.

This is the first post in a series dedicated to your health co-authored by one of my best friends and the healthiest guy I know, Chris Rhyme.

Chris is a transactional attorney in Denver, Colorado, and the perfect person to explore this topic. He’s a family man with a professional pedigree, and he is heavily invested in his church and community. In other words, he has a lot of priorities competing for his time yet still manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who am I kidding – he’s completely ripped!

But this is not your average series about exercise… We aim to be a lot more holistic.

This series is about your aspirations, expectations, and the practicalities of being healthy. Don’t worry, we’ll talk basics about how to exercise too, but first we’ll address foundational considerations that are a lot more important.

So welcome to The Workout Guide for Working Guys (and gals)!

Stay tuned. Learn to live a healthier life. And let’s embrace some changes to ensure that we’ll all be around to enjoy our Next Twelve!

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series co-authored by Denver-based transactional attorney, Chris Rhyme dedicated to helping real people with busy lives get in great shape. If you found this post helpful, be sure not to miss the others – subscribe to NexTwelve.com via the link in the upper right-hand corner!

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